How to create content that ranks top on Google

We do We know that there’s no such thing as the perfect content marketing strategy . What works depends on the situation and what you will want to achieve at the time. You can however get close to a perfect piece of content that Google will want to rank at the top . That is not easy but it’s surely not impossible, especially when you have at your disposal the right content tools that can give you a big help.   Further reading: 10 Local SEO Tools That Can Help Improve Your Google Rankings 14 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Website Ranking 17 Best Tools to Get Your Content Its Largest Audience 20 Step Guide to Improve the SEO Ranking of Your Website 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website [...]

How to Identify and Fix Mixed Content Issues to Avoid a Google Penalty

Google recently announced that Chrome will block mixed content on web pages staring from December 2019. Beginning with the Chrome 79 version, Google will gradually move to blocking all mixed content by default. Therefore, if your website has mixed content, it will be blocked and your users won’t be able to access it. That means you need to start doing something to fix mixed content issues on your website.   Further reading: 30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners A Guide to Manage Google Algorithm Changes Best Link Building Techniques Recomended For Higher Ranking in Google Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization Effects of Duplicate Content on SEO and Google Rankings How To Manage the [...]

How to detect a vulnerable WordPress plugin

The power and functionality of your WordPress website lie in its plugins. Plugins can do so much for your small business website. You can use them to make your WordPress site load faster, make your content shareable, collect visitor email addresses for your marketing list, and do better in search results. The fortunate and good side is that many of the best WordPress plugins that can upgrade your website and your business blog are free.   Further reading: Best Brute Force Protection Plugins For WordPress 9 Common Problems of a WordPress Website Before You Install a WordPress Plugin, Ask These Questions Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites Best Google Analytic Plugin for WordPress Best Plugins for Faster Loading [...]

Best Intelligence Tools for Market and Competitive Analysis

Competitor intelligence gathering has become a well established business practice necessary for survival in the densely populated business environment. The internet today has over 1.5billion websites struggling for traffic and visibility on the search engines . Doing well will depend on how you react to the environment and that depends on the amount of information about competitors and the entire environment you can gather.    Further reading: 10 Local SEO Tools That Can Help Improve Your Google Rankings 13 Tools That Will Enhance Your Online Marketing Efforts 15 Online Business Ideas to Consider 17 Best Tools to Get Your Content Its Largest Audience 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your [...]

A Practical Guide to Secure and Maintain Your Website

Maintenance and stability are two of very important aspects of website not often talked about until there is a disaster. They are two concepts that are often get brushed aside especially by regular website owners whose websites had been designed by a third party, a freelancer or by someone who was contracted to do so. But dealing with website security and been assured that a website is secure can be exciting and comforting.   Further reading How to Protect Your Website From Hackers A Detailed Guide on How to Remove Google Blacklist Warning 4 Things That Will Make Your Website Unhackable Best Drupal Security Modules How to Maintain a Healthy WordPress Website WordPress Security Plugins Compared to Find Which [...]

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